by thenomadcatstesting


Simba and Milù showed up on Martina’s doorstep in the Italian Alps in February 2018, and never left.

Martina found out they had both been abandoned and took them in, in spite of being always on the move. After relocating with them semi-short term a couple of times, she decided to explore the world with them on a tiny house/RV.

We started this blog to document the adventures of Milù and Simba, two rescue cats from the Italian Alps–and dives deep into everything there is to know about traveling long term and long distance with cats.  

Unfortunately, at the end of June 2019, Milù disappeared from Catalunya, Spain. ?

She was wearing a collar with a radio frequency tracker. We still don’t understand what may have happened. So far, all of our efforts to find her have been vain. We keep searching her and hope to be reunited with her soon.

Meanwhile, we have partnered up with local organisations and have launched funding campaigns to help feral and abandoned cats around the world.

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