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    To the outside world, walking your cat on a leash might look ridiculous and plain unnecessary. But, if you want to travel with your cat, finding the right harness is one of the first and foremost, most important things you need to do.

    (And, of course, leash train your cat to walk in it.)

    Whether you want to walk your cat just around the block, or embark on a long distance journey with him, you need to make sure you have picked the right harness. 

    A word of caution: not all cats are meant to or want to be outdoors, and not all will love walking on a leash. We recommend that you go through this list of the 4 best cat harnesses 2019 once you’ve done the necessary groundwork to determine whether you should or shouldn’t venture outside with your cat.

    Is it a good idea to walk your cat on a leash and harness?

    If you’re yet not sold to the idea of leash walking your cats, here are a few valid ideas why you should look into it:

    • Your cat can explore without ever being out of your sight or reach
    • You can keep her away from the dangers of the outside world (dogs, wildlife, cars)
    • She can be outside without endangering the local wildlife (lizards, birds, mice)
    • She gets loads of new stimuli and a good dose of exercise, which means he’ll be more tired in the nighttime (and you can say goodbye to a crazy rocket running between rooms at 3 am)
    • She gets to nibble on grass (which is good for his stomach)
    • Sometimes, it’s purely for satefy reasons: when you’re going to the vet or taking her on an airplane, and you want an extra layer of safety.

    Which brings us to our next point.

    Cats can be escape artists. They might get too curious and follow a butterfly up a tree, or get scared by a sudden noise. 3 2 1 and they’re out of the harness before you’ve even had the time to blink.

    And you definitely don’t want that to happen when you’re just set foot out of your door.  Especially if you’re in a new and unfamiliar location.

    What makes a good harness?

    A good harness should be comfortable but escape-proof.* To help you eliminate the guesswork out of choosing which harness to use out of the hundreds available on the market, we’ve listed down the five best cat harnesses of 2019 with a rundown of their best features. 

    *Most cat harnesses – according to whoever writes their marketing material – are ‘escape-proof’. Unfortunately,  a lot of the time it’s not true.

    We personally tested the ones below and / or did enough research and read enough reviews to make sure these cat harnesses are actually  escape-proof.

    In any case, makes sure you test them thoroughly at home before venturing outside.

    1. Generic’s Ultra-Light Cat Harness and Leash Set

    This harness from Generic is feathery light yet sturdy, able to take the rigors of walking, hiking, jogging, and more. 


    – weighs less than 60 grams

    – available in grey or blue

    – 360° wrap around the chest and back for safe pulling

    – elastic material absorbs moisture and dries quickly

    – available in small, medium, and large sizes

    – machine-washable

    – comes with a 1.2-meter cat leash

    What’s cool about it:

    As its name suggests, this harness is really light and weighs about the same as a car key. The cat sling also has soft edges to prevent injury if your cat tries to remove it. It’s adjustable to three different sizes, allowing you to customize the fit according to your cat’s weight.

    2. EXPAWLORER Reflective Cat Jacket Harness and Leash Set

    This brightly-colored harness and leash set is an easy-wear sling that’s perfect for both daytime and nighttime walks.


    – available in bright fluorescent green color

    – made of soft and waterproof nylon cloth

    – contains a D-Ring for connecting leash and a rotary buckle that can rotate 360 degrees

    – uses two fasteners for an escape-proof construction

    – available in small and medium sizes

    – machine-washable

    – comes with a 1.4-meter cat lead

    What’s cool about it:

    Expawlorer’s vibrantly-shaded harness plus the reflective tape that runs along its back makes it ideal for night walks and explorations. Thanks for the reflective materials,, you can easily spot him in the dark – whatever happens. And because the harness is waterproof, it doesn’t absorb odor should it rain and get wet.

    3. SCIROKKO Cat Harness with Leash Set

    Our favorite model so far. An H-harness that’s escape proof and sturdy, also with a leash.


    – 2 metal D rings ensure safety outside walking

    – 2 breakaway buckles provide added protection

    – made of soft cotton fabric

    – 2 plastic slides for a more suitable size

    – contains two adjustable buckles for an even better fit

    – available in extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes

    – machine washable

    What’s cool about it:

    The H-shaped harness is a proven, 100% escape-proof shape, the fabric is soft to prevent injuries; it’s easy to wash and the fit is adjustable, which makes it the ideal cat harness (what we use with Simba).

    4PETCUTE 2 Pieces Cat Harness and Lead

    A similar model to the Scirokko cat harness, but with less bells and whistles.


    – neck and chest girth adjustable

    – 2 snap buckles, easy to put on and take off.

    – H shape design to make sure the harness bears the pulling force evenly and will not harm your cat’s neck

    – made with high quality, soft nylon material – safe and comfortable for your cat

    – delivered with a leash (1.20 m)

    – available in 6 colors

    – machine washable

    Final thoughts

    If you want to travel with your cat, you need to make sure you have picked the right harness and have mastered leash walking with him.

    I hope this shortlist will make your life easier when it comes to finding the right one.

    Do you already use a harness with your kitty? What model is it, and has your cat ever Houdini’d out of it?

    Tell us below! ?

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