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    If you’re reading this page, it probably means you’re considering to hit the road with your cat(s). Whether you are planning to RV with your cats, take them on a plane, bring them on holiday or simply explore the neighborhood, there’s one thing you MUST sort out prior to taking that big step.

    OK, not just one. There are a few important things to consider such as what harness you want to walk your cat in, how to leash train him, etc. – but one of them is to make sure your cat never gets lost.

    Think the unthinkable: The leash breaks, he wiggles out of his harness (hopefully you’ve picked an escape-proof cat harness), or he somehow manages to dash through the door.

    It can happen, and if you don’t pay enough attention,—no matter how ‘dog-like’ your cat may be, and how used to being around you, and how brave—it will happen.

    Enter the cat GPS tracker. So you can make sure, no matter what, that you always know where your cats are at.

    We personally opted for the Tractive IKATI GPS tracker, but here’s a review with the 5 best and most popular cat GPS trackers of 2019.

    1. Weenect Cats 2

    Weenect Cats  2 connects to Android and iPhone smartphones via a downloadable mobile application. It’s a real-time GPS tracker that sends updates continuously.


    – weighs 25 grams. Dimensions: 58 x 23 x 10mm. 

    – has 2 to 4 days of battery life (depends on motion) 

    – uses a 550 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

    – can be used by Apple iOS 10.3 systems up or Android 4.1 or higher

    – compatible with GPRS 900 or 1800 MHz frequencies

    – best for cats that weigh around 3kg or more

    – the tracker comes with a protective case, user manual, and USB cable

    What you need to know: 

    Weenect Cats 2 comes equipped with a SIM card. To use this, you have to pay for a monthly service fee, or you can prepay one or two years’ worth of subscription.

    What’s cool about it:

    This nifty tracker has a no-distance limit. Track your kitty on your phone wherever they are in the world because Weenect Cats 2 covers over 100 countries. It’s also got a special training mode built-in to help your cat associate the ringing/vibrating with feeding time. Make it ring, and your cat will be back before you can say “dinner”.

    2. Muxan GPS Pet Tracker

    The Muxan GPS Pet Tracker is a real-time tracking device, which offers you an exact-location view of your wayward kitty in any Navigator. It also has a variety of work modes that vary from fast, standard, and energy-saving positioning. 


    – weighs 34 grams. Dimensions: 42 x 15mm. 

    – uses a 500 mAh lithium-ion battery

    – supports computers and Android and iOS systems for mobile phones

    – uses GPS, WI-Fi, and LBS positioning

    – compatible with GSM bands of 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MH

    – vibration, low-battery, and SOS alarms 

    – the tracker comes with a manual and a charging cable

    What you need to know: 

    The package does not come with a SIM, which can be a good thing because you get to choose what you want to pair with the tracker.

    What’s cool about it:

    Muxan’s tracker is IP65 waterproof, which takes the worry out of finding your cat on rainy days. The tracker also allows you to call your adventurous buddy. Since it’s got a speaker, you’ll hear your cat’s surroundings, and he can hear you. There’s also this handy mode built-in, which creates a virtual fence around your pet, so if he goes beyond, the tracker will send an alarm message to him (kind of like an electronic scolding).

    3. BARTUN Mini GPS Pet Locator

    This practical mini pet locator by BARTUN will let you stay connected with your intrepid kitty via real-time tracking. The location is displayed accurately through SMS, internet, and app remote target monitoring. 


    – dimensions: 43 x 39.95 mm

    – has a standby time of 5 days

    – uses a 400 mAh lithium-ion battery

    – supports both iOS and Android systems

    – uses GPS, LBS, and AGPS positioning

    – supports GSM GPRS 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 bands

    – the tracker comes with a silicone case, cable, pet collar, and locator instructions

    What you need to know:

    The tracker is equipped with a prepaid 2G Speedtalk SIM card that uses two kinds of network services: USA and international. However, the monthly subscription is in US dollars.  You would need to purchase one that’s specifically for your country of residence.

    What’s cool about it:

    BARTUN’s locator is both shockproof and waterproof (IP67), which means its hardy enough to follow your most adventure-loving pet anywhere. There’s also this really cool feature that allows you to see the historical data of your cat’s travels (what has he been up to?), and this can be stored for 90 days.

    4. Kippy evo GPS and Activity Tracker

    The Kippy evo tracker offers live tracking for unlimited distances. It will also track your little darling’s activity, such as sleep, play, number of steps, and more.


    – weighs 38 grams

    – has a battery life of 10 days

    – the Kippy application can be downloaded by iOS and Android phones

    – uses GPS, WiFi, GSM, and Bluetooth systems

    – offers indoor and outdoor tracking and has a virtual fence application

    – covers Europe, India, Turkey, and South Africa

    – the tracker comes with a charging cable, an attachment strap, and an instruction manual

    What you need to know: 

    The Kippy is suitable for both dogs and cats but is recommended for cats that weigh 4kg and up. It also requires a service package to subscribe to.

    What’s cool about it:

    This pet locator is designed with a GPS and WIFi LED torch that acts as a beam and which will allow you to see your cat who is playing hide and seek with you in the dark. It also sends messages about your pet’s health, so you will know how he is doing even when you’re not with him. The best part is the intuitive graphics that show what he is doing (relaxing, running, etc.) at any time of the day.

    5. Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

    The Tractive’s cat GPS collar has a built-in localizator,, combining several great features for you and your cat.


    – weighs 49.9g. Dimensions: 74 x 28 x 15mm

    – battery lasts 2-5 days, depending on use

    – uses a lithium-polymer battery

    – the Tractive application is available for both iOS and Android users

    – uses GPS positioning

    – designed for cats 3.5kg and up

    – the tracker comes with USB cable and manual

    What you need to know:

    The SIM is delivered with and built-in within the device and needs a subscription before it is activated. A basic subscription plan will allow you to track your cat in the UK, while an advanced subscription covers over 150 countries. 

    What’s cool about it:

    Since this tracker also works as a collar, it’s nice that it comes with a quick-release mechanism in case your feline buddy ever gets stuck somewhere. Aside from showing where your cat currently is, Tractive’s tracker also shows you where he’s been and will update you every 2-3 seconds in Live Tracking mode. Tractive also lets you monitor your cat’s fitness level and will warn you if they exit a safe zone.

    I hope I’ve helped you find the right tracker for your feline furball. Remember to check the manufacturer’s site for complete and updated details about each product. 

    **IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tractive has replaced its cat GPS tracker with a new model, the IKATI cat GPS tracker.

    The functionalities and app are exactly the same, but the tracker itself has been upgraded from a collar (with safety mechanism, replaceable battery and built-in GPS tracker) to a tracker that you can attach to a collar of your choice.

    This might potentially be due to the fact that a few models of the previous GPS trackers were defect and became unloose too easily, thus temporarily leaving the cat owner and cat without a tracker (always make sure you have an insurance on your active GPS tracker) and presumably causing losses to the company.

    Fundamentally, both collars have the same features.

    From Tractive’s website:

    LIVE LOCATION TRACKING – Track your cat’s adventures all over Europe and in many more countries. In LIVE Tracking mode, you get location updates every 2-3 seconds directly on your phone or in your web browser

    LOCATION HISTORY & HEATMAP – The Tractive GPS app does not only show the current position of your cat with the GPS cat collar attachment, but also all the places they have been. Find out the usual places the cat visits with the heatmap

    ACTIVITY MONITORING – The GPS tracker logs the activity of your cat so you know how active your cat is day and night

    ADVENTURE & WATERPROOF – Track your cat on their expeditions without any distance restrictions. The tracker is very robust and is 100% waterproof in case your cat is more on the adventurous side

    DESIGNED FOR CAT COLLARS – The rubber clip fits most cat collars on the market. The cat tracker GPS weighs less than 30 g (1.1 oz)

    EXCHANGEABLE BATTERY – the cat GPS tracker for any cat collar recharges in only 2 hours with a battery life of 2-5 days

    SUBSCRIPTION – With a low fee starting at only £ 3.33 / month, you can enjoy unlimited tracking of your cat in more than 150 countries worldwide thanks to the integrated SIM card. During the set-up, you can select between different subscription plans. In the Tractive GPS app you can add several pets, the fee applies per gps cat tracker device



    All in all, we have preferred the Tractive tracker and will now switch to the IKATI model. 

    Do you use a GPS tracker for your cat? What product do you use, and would you recommend it?

    Comment below and let us know! ?

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