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    Nowadays, cat backpacks are all the rage for cat adventurers. While leash training your cat or carrying him around town in a backpack would have gained you a puzzled look just a few years ago, they’re becoming more and more popular thanks to the fame of cat explorers on social media.

    First things first: why would you need a backpack for your cat?

    If you like adventuring or traveling with your cat, a cat backpack is the perfect alternative to a standard carrier. He can just hang in there when he’s tired; you can pick him up and carry him around when the terrain or environment turns out to be potentially dangerous (e.g. dogs); and he always has a safe place to go back to, no matter what.

    But, even if you haven’t planned to take your cat on your next travels, switching to a cat backpack from a regular carrier could be a life changer. 

    If you’ve ever had to put your cat in his carrier and take him to the vet, for example, you’re likely to know how uncomfortable standard carriers are. Most of them are made of plastic, with cage-like doors that remind us of jail; they’re cumbersome and are usually built with just one handle at the top, which means your poor cat gets tossed back and forth while you try (and fail) to keep the carrier at an even angle. And he’s likely to pull out his claws and try to grab whatever he can get to in a desperate attempt to get out.

    Also, if your cat is heavier than a couple of kilos, you end up using both hands to sustain the weight – which is highly impractical when you need to close the door of your apartment, open your car or just use your hands to do other things.

    In short, these are some of the reasons you might want to try a cat backpack vs a regular carrier:

    • Your hands are free when you carry your cat around
    • The shoulders straps are more comfortable for carrying bigger cats and walking longer distances than the handles of traditional cat carriers
    • Since the backpack is high above the ground, it is more secure against dogs
    • Cats generally like being higher up from the ground, so a cat backpack will help your cat feels safer

    How to pick the right backpack for your cat

    Many manufacturers advertise their pet backpacks as suitable for both dogs and cats, but remember that your cat has sharp teeth and strong claws. Before you opt for any model, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the product reviews under each item to make sure the backpack is cat-proof.

    Other things you want to take into account when you shop for your new cat backpack: it needs to be spacious and comfortable, provide the necessary ventilation, security, and – why not – a good viewing range.

    Design and colors are totally up to you, but you can generally choose between the ‘bubble’ models and a mix of mesh / sturdy fabrics.

    We did a thorough research on the web, and shortlisted the 4 best cat backpack we could find.

    1. The Pecute Cat Backpack.


    • It is made of anti-scratch, waterproof oxford cloth.
    • The back is expandable, allowing for more space for your kitty to chill when you’re not carrying him!
    • The top of the bag has a flap which can be opened and your cat can stick his head out (always keep your cat leashed, so he won’t take off if scared or attracted by something!)
    • The several mesh areas and holes provide for sufficient ventilation
    • It has wide, adjustable padded shoulder straps.
    • It has a sturdy, comfortable bottom with short plush on one side and oxford cloth on the other side. It can be removed and cleaned easily.
    • There are two storage pockets on the sides – one for water bottles and waste bags, and the other for your wallet, mobile phones, keys and other small items. 
    • There is a built-in retractable hooked safety rope with anti-escape zip.
    • The dimensions of the bag are 34 X 27 X 45 cms and it can be expanded to 62 X 34 X 45 cms. It weighs 1.81 kgs.
    • It is suitable for carrying pets of up 15 kgs in weight. The maximum load that the bag can handle is 20 kgs (but we hope your cat doesn’t weigh that much :D)

    Why it stands out – The bag is collapsible, and so it doesn’t take up too much space when not in use. The padded shoulder straps make it very comfortable to carry on the back. There is a safety belt which can be attached to the collar of the cat, so that even if the flap is open while you are walking outdoors and the cat leaps out, she will not fall down and get hurt or run away and hide.

    2. The MATEIN Cat Backpack 


    • It is made of anti-scratch, waterproof polyester.
    • The dimensions of the bag are 42.2 X 32.2 X 6.8 cms, and it is suitable for carrying pets weighing up to 8 kgs. So it’s suitable for most cats.
    • The shoulder straps of the backpack are broad and padded.
    • It has two side pockets for storing pet supplies and other small items like wallet, phone, etc.
    • The backpack has several mesh areas and holes for ventilation. 
    • The top flap can be rolled and the cat can have more fresh air and an obstructed view of the world outside.
    • There is a leash tether inside which can be attached to the cat’s collar to prevent escape.
    • It comes with a soft mat at the bottom, which can be removed and cleaned easily.
    • There are anti-slip rubber pads on the underside of the bag. 

    Why it stands out – The bag is compact, which makes it easier to store and manage when carrying it. Since it is made out of polyester, it can be washed easily and it dries quickly after washing. It can also be folded and tucked away easily when not in use. 

    3. The Dulcii Cat Backpack

    This lightweight backpack with space capsule bubble design is quite fun and durable. If you have researched cat backpacks before, you’re likely to have come across similar models.


    • Obviously, the fun space capsule design with astronaut bubble. 
    • The dimensions of the bag are 32 X 30 X 42 cms/12.6 X 11.5 X 16.5 inches, and it is suitable for carrying cats of up to 6 kgs in weight. The maximum weight it can handle is 13 kgs.
    • The bag weighs 1.26 kgs.
    • The front of the bag is a hard shell made of tough, anti-scratch, waterproof acrylic material. The sides of the backpack are made in oxford cloth. 
    • The backpack has several large mesh areas and holes for ventilation. 
    • The padded shoulder pads of the backpack make it easy to walk long distances while carrying it.

    Why it stands out – The space capsule design is unique, and your cat will look pretty cool with his head in the astronaut bubble. The bubble also allows your cat to enjoy an unobstructed view of his surroundings, which requires you to open the top flap in other types of backpacks.

    Note: Since this model is compact and sturdy, large cats may feel squished inside this type of backpack. Please make sure that the bag you buy is of the right size according to the weight and size of your cat.

    4. The CloverPet Cat Backpack


    • The dimensions of the backpack are 33.5 x 31 x 40.9 cms.
    • The backpack has adjustable, padded shoulder straps and a moulded handle.
    • It comes with a built-in security leash which can be attached to the cat’s collar.
    • The backpack has a soft, washable pad at the bottom.
    • There are sufficient mesh areas and holes for good ventilation.
    • The backpack has both top and side zips for your cat to get in.

    Why it stands out – An upgrade from the previous model, this backpack also features side bubbles to really help your cat keep an eye on everything around him. Its design is plain cool, and the multiple entry points make it easier to train your cat to walk into the backpack on his own rather than being forced into it

    Final thoughts

    There are several factors to consider before buying a backpack. One of them, is the size of your cat. Bigger cats may feel squashed in bubble-design hard cases, and, if you are buying a backpack for a kitten, remember that the kitten might outgrow the size of the backpack, so choose accordingly.

    All in all, all these models provide exceptional comfort, security and practicality, so take your pick.

    Do you carry your cat around in a traditional carrier or have you tried a cat backpack? Tell us in the comments below! ?

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