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    Have you every tried booking a flight or a hotel room for yourself & your cat, only to become increasingly frustrated at the lack of clarity about rules and requirements?

    The information on paperwork and procedures is scattered all around the web. Each and every airline or hotel, or comparison sites like, has different requirements, and they’re often not stated upfront or are hard to find. And there is not one single source or database that you can check and rely on.


    Goetica ( is a new travel search engine that lets you search cat-friendly flights and accommodation, helps you reduce your C02 impact and donates 65% of their profits to animal welfare associations worldwide.

    All you have to do is book your next cat-friendly holidays on

    How does it work?

    If you’ve ever used ANY flight comparison sites like Skycanner or Kayak, booking on Goetica will be a piece of cake.

    You input the city you want to leave from, your destination, and the date. You can also select the “Travelling with your pet?” box, to get all the relevant results.

    Et voilà: a list of cat-friendly flights, what they cost you, their C02 impact and the exact fee for taking your cat onboard with you.

    And at no extra cost. It’s the exact same travel search engine model as Skycanner or Kayak, with the difference that you can book your next cat-friendly holiday in a couple of clicks and with no nasty surprises or headaches. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

    But wait. Do you know what’s even cooler? That Goetica donates 65% of their profits to animal welfare associations, to help endangered wildlife and strays worldwide.

    Yep. And they take their mission very seriously: So seriously, that they officially registered as a CIC company: a Community Interest Company, regulated by the British government, that can never sell for profit.

    They publish their financial reports online, to be as transparent as possible with their users. And, if you visit their website, you’ll see this:

    With every small commission they get from airlines, hotels and websites (at no extra cost to you), they donate 65% of the profits to associations worldwide and help control stray populations and save endangered wildlife.

    Thanks to the 710 € they have been donated so far, they sterilised 50 dogs and cats! Thus prevented them from giving birth to their offsprings, which would have resulted in over 3,5 million strays suffering in the future.

    They’re currently active in several countries across the world, and are partnering with these organisations:

    Project 1: Asia | Sri Lanka, Animal SOS

    In Sri Lanka, it’s estimated that approximately 3 million strays wander the streets of the country. Animal SOS was founded in 2007 and has helped thousands of animals since. Their sanctuary in Midigama, Ahangama, in the south of Sri Lank, is open to the public.

    They go out in the streets and neuter / spay stray dogs and cats twice a month, for a total of 30-40 cats and dogs sterilised free of charge. They also provide first aid and rabies vaccinations.

    Goetica’s aim is to double and then triple these field trips by supporting Animal SOS’ work.

    Project 2: Africa | Zimbabwe, Aware

    The AWARE trust was founded in 2004 by veterinarians and it’s the veterinary conservation trust in Zimbabwe of its kind. The trust operations focus on the welfare of wildlife and the conservation of its habitats.

    AWARE helps sick or injured wild animals though professional veterinary treatment and rehabilitation, especially when the animals have fallen prey to humans. For example, AWARE treats wild animals at risk from disease or at risk of being threatened by humans. They also provide free sterilisation, vaccinations, and basic health care for domesticated animals living in poverty-stricken areas.

    Project 3: Europe | Mallorca, Baldea feline project

    Baldea is an NGO based in Mallorca, operating since 2005. They support the welfare of strays all over the island, with a strong focus on neutering and spaying stray cats and dogs to avoid needless suffering. Equally importantly, they also provide education to local communities.

    Their #1 goal is to keep the feral cat population of the island under control. They move around in a van, which is set up as a mobile studio and allows them to spay / neuter cats on field trips. They also work with animal shelters, providing free spaying services.

    Baldea needs support to pay for fuel, trap cages, medication, surgical equipment and veterinarians.

    Project 4: Americas | USA, Fido Fixers

    The USA are home to one of the largest stray dog and cat populations in the world. Fido Fixers offers free or low lost cost neutering and spaying for cats and dogs in poverty-stricken areas.

    They operate from six mobile spay and neuter clinics and since, their foundations in 2011, they have performed over 50,000 surgeries. They want to increase their ability to have an impact by setting up more mobile units, and Goetica wants to help them.

    At Goetica we believe that no animal should have to live a miserable life. But in many countries around the world, hundreds of thousands of stray cats and dogs endure a daily life of hunger, pain and fear.

    The best way to help prevent more and more animals suffering is to sterilise strays. Veterinarians and animal rights groups agree. Around 60% of the money we donate goes towards official sterilisation programmes run by professionals. Why do we allocate such a large percentage of our total funds to this project? Because we’re convinced that neutering strays is one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to prevent untold millions of animals from suffering in the very near future.

    Funds for Endangered Wildlife

    Goetica also partners with the WWF, the IAR and the HSI to help endangered wildlife across the world.

    Bush fires, petrol at sea, drought, climate change, and last but not least humans – Goetica is on the field to help reduce our impact on the wildlife world. In their own words:

    Wildlife such as orangutans, big cats, elephants, marine life and even insects are in critical danger due to the climate crisis. Some reports estimate that 50% of all wildlife is in decline. Part of our quarterly donation goes to international animal protection organisations such as WWF, IAR and HSI. These NGOs spend over 80% of their donations directly on conservation projects and responding to emergencies.

    Book Your Next Cat-Friendly Holiday And Make A Difference

    Our website is all about traveling long term and long distance with cats.

    When we found out about Goetica, we got really excited. Now every time we need to travel with Simba and need to find a cat-friendly hotel or flight, Goetica is our go-to travel search engine.

    It’s basically just the same as Skyscanner, with the difference that you can make a difference – and make your travel plans much easier.

    Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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